FLASH Animations
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To start an animation click on a featured image, which will open a new 'Tab' or 'Window'. You must have FLASH Player installed to view. Some will open up to SWF format directly while others will open to an HTMl file.


Floki in Motion Comic style animation


A banner for a Veteran Support Group, Girls for Gunslingers.

Wind Chime

Wind chime.


An inside light touch of humour.

The Birthday Massacre

A banner made for the Birthday Massacre band of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

White Pine Programs

A small banner for the White Pine Programs in Cape Neddick, Maine


A banner made for Collide a band of California, USA

Tom Brown's Tracker School

A small banner for the Tom Brown Tracker of New Jersey


Animated scene for my Halloween cooking show, Auntie Voodoo's Cooking Show.
This was initiated in CS6 and will not be completed till I upgrade to CS6. Needing voice talent for the cook, also.