Odin's Tale of the Keys of Knowledge*

I am aware that I hung on the windy tree,
swung there nights all of nine;
gashed with a blade, bloodied for Odin,
myself an offering to myself,
knotted to that tree no man
knows whither the root of it runs.

None gave me bread, none gave me drink,
down to the depths I peered
to snatch up the runes with a roaring scream
and fall in a dizzied faint.

Well-being I won and wisdom too,
I grew and joyed in my growth;
from a word to a word, I was led to a word,
from a deed to another deed.
*This is from the 'Havamal'.

There 1999

I would travel 1,000 leagues
to settle this empty heart,
be it through storm or war,
I shall come to you, my angel
To you does my heart quest,
for you I will not rest,
for you I'll hold within my chest
the roaring fires of hell.
I shall be there for you...
My light...
My torch...

Upon the Night 1999

Seeing you upon the night,
shining as the heavens of sight,
my love, my angel....
I be
I am
your friend
your lover
...til the end...

Touch 1997

The heart longs for the touch of love,
though only the touch from the one, the beloved.
To find the beloved is journey of body and soul...
I walk this journey with hope and fear,
for what if there is no beloved...
but what if there is....
Only I will know..I search for that angel..
my lover to come........
My love I beacon you with open arms and a loving heart.

I see.
You see..
in the eyes of soul,
eyes of beauty..
eyes of love

Close 1996

I see you upon the night when there's not for light..
I see you in the clouds and sea...
You are always close to me.
whether I am a great oaktree or a tiny bumblebee..
you are always with me, when I am by the sea..
you're next to me..breathing ever softly....
You were always there......

Going 1996

Standing in the rain,
I watch you go inside,
saddened by so few times..
life I remember when I am with you..
life with flavor when I kiss you..
I do remember you the first time..
my heart felt you......

The darkside of the heart... 1997

To see what is...
to see what was...
the view of life gone past..
past to see...
life so loved...
can fade as the flying dove...

Tyr 1995

The battle for the end is what I will see..
Divine triumph is upon me...weilding my sword..
slashing my foe...
death I bestow...
their life will go..
the end so near..
the enemy will rear..
For I,Tyr do near..
the taker of life....
giver of steel death....
and blood rain.

Dragon of Steel 10-1994

I hold aloft my holysword as I ride into battle,
smiting my foes,
I have my gods at my side,
I give prayer to my Gods, as I ride..
the wind in my hair,
bloody sword in hand,
sweet sweat upon my brow,
fire in my eyes..
the dragon I ride..
the roar of the beast pounding my ears
and bestowing fear to those we quest..
rage of firey wind...
clash of claw and steel....
death in their eyes...
flashes of steel about as I whirl upon my ride.....
the taste I taste so sweet it is wrought fourth from the bitterness..
The dragon of steel I do ride..

Divine Embrace 1-98

I feel your embrace
as the black river flows
Your soft arms about me
your body pressed to mine
your head lying on my chest
your purr soothing my soul
I'm wishing for this told feeling
to hold....The sense of time not sensed
My feeling divine in her embrace
The embrace of my new found angel
My new warmth
My Imbus.....

Stirring Memories 9-97

There's no day that passes
bleak or bright
that she is not thought of...
time may pass
but her picture is still...
there in the forefront on my mind
my heart swells,eyes flow
my fist clenches, head bows
pride comes with virtue
my soul speaks
and all is balanced
my mind reasons
and all is stirred...
memories but memories...
time goes on......